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Guidelines for Packing

Posted by admin on January 7, 2016
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  • Assemble all your packing materials before you start.
  • Tackle one room at a time.
  • Line boxes first – a towel or blanket
  • Place heavier items on the bottom, lighter ones on top.

Packing Tableware

  • Wrap each dish in either polyfoam or unprinted newsprint and place on end in the box.
  • Make sure that each row is snug, so that the dishes will stand up straight. Use lots of padding.

Packing Crystal and Stemware

  • Wrap the stem first, then the whole piece. If possible, use a protective material like Bubble-Wrap or Bubble-Paper.
  • Place each item upside down in a divided carton and be sure to use lots of padding. Mark the box as “FRAGILE”.

Packing Silverware

  • Polish and wrap in plastic bags to prevent scratching and tarnishing.
  • Alternately, polish and wrap in polyfoam.

Packing Books

  • Use small cartons because books tend to be heavy. Alternate rows—Bound edge to open edge.

Packing Records / CD’s

  • Use small cartons and pack vertically in a box that has been padded on the top and bottom.

When Packing Lamps

  • Dismantle and label the parts, then place them in a bag.
  • Put lamp and parts in the same box.
  • Pad with throw cushions or shredded paper.
  • Lampshades can be stacked. Pack them in a separate box.

When Packing Small Appliances

  • Clean well so they are grease-free.
  • Coil the cords and fasten to each appliance. Wrap and label any parts.

Packing Large Appliances

  • These must be empty, clean and dry.
  • Have an electrician disconnect the stove.
  • Label and pack any loose parts separately.
  • Use protective tape on burners, shelves, knobs and doors.
  • Tie down the power unit.

Packing Rugs

  • If they have been cleaned, keep them rolled up.

Packing Slipcovers, Bedspreads & Upholstered Items

  • Package smaller items in plastic bags.
  • Cover larger ones with plastic or old sheets / fasten securely.

Moving Mattresses

  • Cover with Plastic / Movers Blankets

Packing Pictures, Mirrors, Radios and Clocks

  • Wrap small pieces in blankets.
  • Large pictures and mirrors should be wrapped with protective pads and placed on end in cartons.

Moving Motors, Lawnmowers & Snowmobiles

  • Before the move, empty out any gasoline and clean well.

Moving Garden Furniture & Barbecue

  • Clean, dismantle and pack individual parts in boxes.
  • Propane tanks must be moved separately.

Packing Medicines

  • Be sure not to pack any medicine you may need during the move e.g.: Aspirin for headaches and rubbing ointment for sore muscles).
  • Secure all caps and wrap each bottle in a plastic bag (unless the bottle is glass, in which case you should wrap it in polyfoam.

Packing Kitchen Items

  • Keep cutlery in drawer divider and wrap in clean paper.
  • Wrap bottles and preserves individually in plastic bags then place upright in liquor cartons (If using a regular box, be sure to use lots of padding.

Packing Fixtures

  • All items attached to the floor, walls and ceilings such as drapes, blinds, and light fixtures must be dismantled and packed.
  • Arrange beforehand to have the moving company do this.